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Horse Party Supplies

Horse Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Horse Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the equestrian fan in your family! We have Horse Party Decorations, Horse Party Favors, Balloons, and More! We have 3 Horse Party Themes for your Horse Theme Birthday Party! Scroll down for Horse Theme Party Ideas and Horse Party Games:

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Wild Horse party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Wild Horse Decorations: Decorate your party area with Wild Horse plates, napkins, cups, table covers, and centerpieces. Be sure to hang a Wild Horse “Happy Birthday” Letter Banner and some Wild Horses Dangling decorations. Also, be sure to hang some Wild Horses Printed Picture Garland and some Wild Horses balloons!
  • For your party guests: Make sure to send out the Wild Horses party invitations 2 weeks before your party date. Greet each guest with a Wild Horses blowout and a Wild Horses cone hat!
  • Wild Horses Favors: Thank each of your guests with a Wild Horses treat bag. Wild Horses stickers and Wild Horses Notepad party favors with stickers are available at and make for excellent party favors.
  • Wild Horses Cake: Top off your cake with the Horses cake decoration set and the Wild Horses molded cake candle. The cupcake sweet server is available for a great presentation of cupcakes.
  • Thanking your guests: Follow up after the party with a Wild Horses Thank You Note.

Game Ideas:

  • Take some 4 x 6 index cards and cut them in half. Give each guest a half of the index card and some Wild Horses stickers. Let them all make their own Wild Horses bookmark. Let them stick their hand-made bookmarks in their treat bags so they can take it home with them at the end of the party.
  • Wild Horse Bingo. Get creative and make your own unique Wild Horse Bingo cards. Use the Wild Horse Stickers as the dots to cover up the spots. Play as many games as you would like. Award a Wild Horses Notepad Party Favors with Stickers to all of your winners.
  • Coloring activity. Using the Crayon party favors and pictures from the internet, let everyone color their own Wild Horse picture. Let each guest keep their crayons and their picture.
  • Write down questions about the Birthday Girl and place them in the My Horse Plastic Stadium cup. Have your guests sit in a circle and take one question from the cup. Let each guest in turn try and answer the question they picked. Award the My Horse stickers to all those who get their chosen question right.
  • Coloring activity. Using the Crayon party favors and pictures from the internet, let everyone color their own my horse picture. Let each guest keep their crayons and their picture.
  • Using the Horse Plastic Party favors and the marble bounce ball party favors, play a game of Horse Bowling. Line up the Horses in a triangular shape. 10 Horses in each triangle should be enough, just like regular bowling. Give each guest a bounce ball and then line them in a line. Let them roll or bounce their ball to see who can knock over the horses. Play as many games as you desire. Let each guest keep a horse and their bounce ball.