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Lion King Party Supplies

Lion King Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Lion King Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the Lion King Safari fan in your family! We have Lion King Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Scroll down for Lion King Party Ideas and Lion King Party Games:

Lion King Party Decorations, Party Activity, and Party Theme Ideas:

·         Lion King party decorations: Get ready for a wild time in the jungle with the Lion King plates, cups, and napkins.

·         For your party guests: Make sure that you send out your Lion King invitations 2 weeks before your set party date. Then, as your guests arrive, let them know that they are more than welcome to help themselves to the refreshment table, where the Lion King cups are set.

·         Lion King party favors: Fill the Zoo Animal Treat boxes full of some of the Velour Animal Hand puppets, Jungle Buddies Color your own mask party favors, Mini vinyl Zoo animals pop up party favors, and the Safari Party animal tails. Many more party favors available at

·         Lion King Cake decorations: Set the wild theme with the Zoo animals cake decorating set, wild animal safari party cupcake picks, or the Safari Zoo animal cupcake party favor rings. The cupcake sweet server is also available.

·         Thanking your guests: Make sure that you send out your Lion King thank you notes a few days after your party.


Lion King Party Game ideas:

·         Lion King Safari: Using the Safari Party Inflatable Zoo animals, Wild Animals Safari Party Plastic Animal Masks and the Wild Animals Safari party pith helmet or the Safari party child pith helmet woven hat. Spread the Safari Party Inflatable Zoo animals and a few of the willing parents in the masks that are available, and have the kids follow you as you show the animals in “natural” habitat. Have the parents that are in the masks try and imitate the sounds that the animals make.

·         Lion King puppet play: Using the Velour Animal Hand puppets, have the kids make their own version of the Lion King. Give the children some time to get the puppets spread out evenly between all the children, and time to think of the movie, and how they want to make it their own.

·         Lion King: Watch the Lion King, and when it’s over, as questions about the movie, and see how different it was from their puppet show.

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