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Outer Space Party Supplies

Space Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Plan an out of this world Space Astronaut Birthday Party with our huge selection of Outer Space Party Supplies. A space theme party is perfect for your Outer Space Astronomy fan! We have Space Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Scroll down for Space Party Ideas and Space Party Games. Buy today and save with our free shipping offer and fast order processing.

Space Party Starters and Tableware

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Start here with Outer Space Party Packages and Space Party Invitations to get your out of this world space birthday party started. Make your table soar with these awesome Outer Space Party Plates, Napkins, Cups and Table Covers.

Space Party Decorations

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Solar System Danglers, Space Theme Happy Birthday Banners, and Rocket Centerpieces are just some of our great selection of space party decorations. We have just what you need to decorate your party room or outdoor area with the latest in Outer Space decorations.

Space Party Favors and Extras

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Your guests will love our huge selection of Outer Space Party Favors. We have space party favor bags, alien slime tubes, solar system fact cards, and more! Fill up your astronaut party favor bags with these great favors.

Space Party Cake and Cupcake

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Your cupcakes or birthday cake will look out of this world with our great Space Party candles, and picks.

Space Party Balloons

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No party is complete without balloons. Shop from our selection of Space foil and latex balloons. Fill with helium or air.
Space party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:
  • Get ready for blast off with Space Blast plates, cups, napkins, table covers, “Happy Birthday” banners, lanterns, centerpieces, and balloons.
  • Make sure to send out your Space Blast invitations 2 weeks before your party. We have standard invitations and personalized invitations to choose from. Greet each guest and give them an astronaut ID badge, Space Blast blowout, and Space Party Cone hat.
  • Make sure to give your guests their Outer Space themed treat bags full of Space party favors. Space themed stickers and Space Pencil party favors are available at, and make excellent party favors too!
  • Use the Space molded cake candles and the Spaceship Party Favors/Cupcake Decorations to decorate the cake and make it ready for blast off.
  • Make sure to give your guests their Space themed treat bags before they leave the party, and follow up with custom Space Thank You Notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Space pictures- With the Space Party Astronaut Photo-Op wall banner, have all the kids pose behind the banner and make either a funny face or a serious face before you take their pictures. Print out the pictures and then give them to the parents so that they can get them framed and hung up on the wall.
  • Space Party Scavenger Hunt Game Cards- With the Space cards fill out either a clue or something that has to do with Space. Then have the kids split up into 3-4 teams, then let them have all the fun that they so desire with Space and all the planets.
  • Coloring- Go onto the internet and print off as many outer space pictures for all the kids. Get the Crayon party supplies and spread out the pictures and the crayons on a stable surface. Then let the kids color the pictures. Have the kids give it to their parents so that the pictures can go on the refrigerator.