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Disney Cars Party Supplies

Disney Cars 2 Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Disney Cars Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the Disney Cars 2 Movie Race Fans in your family! We have Disney Cars Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Scroll down for Disney Cars Party Ideas and Disney Cars Party Games:

Disney Cars party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Race to decorate your party hot spot with Disney Cars plates, cups, napkins, table covers, centerpieces, ?Happy Birthday? banner, and balloons.
  • Make sure to send out your Disney Cars invitations 2 weeks before your party. Greet each guest and give them Disney Cars Cone hats, Disney Cars blowouts.
  • Make sure to thank your guests for coming with Disney Cars themed treat bags and/or Disney Cars themed treat boxes filled with Disney Cars or racing party favors. Disney Cars themed stickers and Disney Cars themed temporary tattoos are available at www.ezpartyzones.com, and make excellent party favors.
  • Use the Disney Cars cake decorating set or the Disney Cars molded candle, and the Disney Cars cupcake rings to decorate the cake with something that looks fast. Also available is the Cupcake sweet server, to make an awesome display of your cake and cupcakes.
  • Make sure to give your guests their Disney Cars themed treat bags or boxes before they leave, and follow up with Disney Cars Thank You Notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Disney Cars Race- Using the Race Party Supplies Cloth Checkered Flag as the start and finish flags and some type of track markers with the Race Party Supplies Flag Banner as a path for them. Have the parents spread out evenly on both sides to cheer on everybody. The winner will receive Disney's World of Cars "Turbocharged" Award Ribbon.
  • Disney's Cars Party Game- One mat per package and four pieces. Have the children split up into groups of 4 to each little pod. Then hand them the Disney?s Car party game and have them set it up and begin to play. The youngest could go first, or they could use the spinner to determine who goes first. The first person who wins in each little pod can receive Disney's World of Cars Paper Glasses.
  • Coloring Activity- Go onto www.coloring-book.info/coloring and find the Cars coloring pages. Using the Disney's Cars Crayons, let the children color the pictures of Lighting McQueen, Porsche, Tow Mator, and the whole Lighting McQueen team. Let the children put their pictures with their treat bags or boxes to take them home with them.
  • Race around a small track- Using the Disney Cars Party Supplies Pit Crew Headset and the Super Racer Pull-Back race car party favors, let the kids decide one other person that they would like on their team. Then have one of them decide who is going to be crew chief and who is going to be the driver of the race car. Make sure that the kids have ample space to be able to move about. Let them choose however many laps that they would like to do. The team that wins gets to be the first ones to pull on the strings of the pi?ata.