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Farm Birthday Party Supplies

Plan a cute and fun party with Farm Birthday Party Supplies. These Farm Birthday Party Supplies include Farm Birthday tableware, decorations, and more. We carry all of the Farm Birthday Party Supplies and action packed Farm Birthday party favors. Invite your guests with Farm Birthday invitations and thank them with Farm Birthday Party Treat Bags. Scroll down for Farm Birthday Party game ideas:

Farm and Barnyard Party Decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:
  • Farm Barnyard Party Decorations: Decorate with plates, cups, napkins, table covers, placemats, centerpieces, and balloons all in the Farm and Barnyard Bash themes. Make sure to hang a Farm Party "Happy Birthday? letter banner, Barnyard Bash wall cutouts, and Barnyard Bash dangling cutout decorations.
  • For your party guests: Send the Barnyard party invitations 2 weeks before the party. Greet your guests with Barnyard Bash Party headbands, farm animal masks, farm party farmer hats, and Barnyard Bash blowouts!
  • Farm Party and Barnyard Favors: Make sure to thank your guests with Farm and Barnyard party treat bags or Farm Party Barn shaped treat boxes. Farm party miniature farm animals and plush farm animal finger puppets are excellent party favors available at www.ezpartyzone.com!
  • Farm Cake: Finish off decorating the cake with Barnyard Bash set of 5 pick candles, or the Barnyard Bash Molded Cake candle. Also available for your cake is the Farm Party Cake decoration set or the John Deere cake decorating set. Use the Farm Party food/cupcakes picks to decorate other food or some cupcakes. The cupcake sweet server is available for a great presentation of cupcakes.
  • hanking your guests: Make sure to thank your guests with Barnyard Bash Thank You notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Have all your guests play the Barnyard Bash Pin game and see who can pin the chick in the cow?s party hat! Award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes to whoever is closest to the hat.
  • Use the Farm Party Spinning Top party favors to create a race. Let all the participants practice a little bit, and then let the race begin. Line everyone up and see who can spin there top the furthest. Award prizes to those who got their tops the furthest.
  • Have a relay race using the Farm Party Miniature farm animals. Have some large shirts ready for when you are ready to begin the game. Set up starting places and turn points for the relay. Separate the guests into two teams. Have a lot of the Farm Party Miniature Farm animals at the feet of the first person of each team. The players will hurry to put the Farm Party Miniature Farm animals into their large shirt and make it to the turn around and back to the starting point without dropping any. They will then drop the animals into the next runner?s shirts. Do this until every member has had the chance to run. At the end, the team who has dropped the most loses. Award prizes to the winning team.