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Kitten Party Supplies

Make your party Purr-fect! What is cuter than a party celebrating cute and cuddly kittens! We have loads of Kitten Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices, and a free shipping offer to make it even better! We have loads of Kitten Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Scroll down for Kitten Party Ideas, Kitten Party Games, and a link to our Pinterest Board celebrating Kittens and Cats:

Cuddly Kitten party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Cuddly Kitten decorations: Decorate in style with Cuddly Kitten plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces, and table covers. Make sure to hang a ?Happy Birthday? jointed banner and even some Cuddly Kitten Printed Garland.
  • For your party guests: Send the Cuddly Kitten invitations 2 weeks before the party date. As your guests begin to arrive, greet them with Cuddly Kitten blowouts and Cuddly Kitten cone hats!
  • Cuddly Kitten favors: Thank all your guests for coming with Cuddly Kitten treat bags. Cuddly Kitten themed stickers and Cuddly Kitten beaded necklaces are available and they make great party favors.
  • Cuddly Kitten cake: Decorate your cake with the Cuddly Kitten molded cake candle.
  • Thanking Guests: Make sure to follow up with Cuddly Kitten Thank You notes to your guests!

Game Ideas:

  • Gather your guests for a game of Cuddly Kitten Pin the Tag on the Kitten?s Collar. Blindfold each player as they come forward to take their turns. Spin them around and let them take a shot at placing the tag on the Cuddly Kitten?s collar. Award prizes to those who are closest to the Kitten?s collar.
  • Hot kitten, Cold Kitten. Take the Cuddly Kitten Treat bags and fill them with Cuddly Kitten beaded necklaces, Cuddly Kitten pencils, and Cuddly Kitten notebook party favors. Seal the Cuddly Kitten treat bags using the Cuddly Kitten stickers. Hide the Cuddly Kitten treat bags in or near the party area, and then seat your guests in a circle. As each player tries to guess where the Cuddly Kitten treat bag is hidden, you say ?hot? for exact location, ?warm? for near the location, and ?cold? for nowhere near the location. You may hide as many Cuddly Kittens treat bags as you wish! The player that guesses the exact location wins the Cuddly Kitten treat bag that they found!
  • Using the Fabulous Foam Princess hats and the Cuddly Kitten stickers, allow your guests to have fun creating their own special Cuddly Kitten hat! Award a prize to the party goers? favorite Cuddly Kitten hat.