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Lego Building Block Party Supplies

Lego Building Block Party Supplies at EZ low prices. Build an active party with our Lego Building Block Party Supplies. These Lego Building Block Party Supplies include tableware, decorations, and more. Have a colorful Lego Building Block theme party with this awesome new party pattern. Check out the Building Block Party Centerpiece, Banner, and Balloons to decorate your event, and thank your guests with our awesome Building Block party favors.

Lego Party Invitations:

Check out our Block Party Invitations with pre-printed lines for easy party detail fill-ins. So cute with the opening in the front that looks like a Lego break-apart! You can also download a Lego Party Invitation template, or handwrite invitations for a personal touch with colored construction paper.

Lego Party Decorations:

Decorate easy with our Lego Party Centerpiece and Lego Party Hanging Block decorations. Both are a colorful and easy way to make your party room look great!

We have a Lego Balloon Centerpiece that is perfect for the gift table! We also have Lego Foil Balloons that can be combined with colorful latex balloons to tie on chairs, outside on the mailbox, and anywhere you need some color!

Use our colorful primary color tissue balls and fans to make the Lego bright colors really pop!

Lego Party Activities:

Plan an indoor or outdoor Lego hunt! Similar to an Easter Egg hunt, hide piles of Legos in secret spots. Give everyone a Lego Party treat bag and let them try to find the most Legos!

Building with Legos is a party activity by itself! Let kids build together by assigning structures that work together, or let everyone build their own.

Play the Lego Movie for a rainy-day indoor party activity.

Lego Party Dress Up:

Use our Building Block Lego cone hats to start each guest looking like a Lego Party champ!

Have each guest design their Lego face mask with yellow construction paper and some elastic string. Let them draw their own face and cut out the eyes for a creative DIY party mask.

Lego Party Games:

Lego spoon race: Balance a Lego on a plastic spoon and have a relay race! Which team can keep their Lego from falling to the ground?

Pin the face on the Lego man. Use a piece of posterboard, and draw an outline of the Lego man. Make yellow faces out of yellow construction paper, and give one face with a piece of tape to each guest. Blindfold each guest one at a time and see who gets the face the closest to the body!

Lego Party Snacks:

Cut a Pizza into squares, and add Pepperoni to make a Lego-like pizza square!

Make rectangular Rice Krispy squares and use 3 M & Ms to create a brick look treat!

Use our Block Party molded cups to serve any drink!

Lego Cake or Cupcakes:

Use our easy Building Block Cupcake picks to decorate any cupcakes. Use vanilla icing and food coloring to make each cupcake a bright and colorful treat!

Legos can also be used to decorate a cake! Just make sure to remove them before serving!