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Monkey Baby Shower Decorations and Party Supplies

Monkey Baby Shower Decorations and Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Check out our cute Monkey Baby Shower Tableware, Decorations, Balloons, and more!

Monkey Baby Shower Ideas:
  • Monkey Decorations: Decorate in style with Giant Monkey Mylar Balloons for either girls or boys. Use the yellow, brown and green streamers to decorate your party room.
  • For your Party Guest: Make sure to send the Monkey Party Invitations 2 weeks before the party date. Greet each guest with a warm smile and a thank you for coming
  • Monkey Party Favors: Thank each guest with the Monkey Pistachio Organza Trinket Bags with a cute candle and some baby shower mints.
  • Monkey Party Cake: Finish off that cake with the Monkey Party Candles.
  •  Thanking Guests: Make sure to follow up after the party with the Monkey Party Thank You Notes

Game Ideas:

  • Baby shower charades: Count the number of guests that you have at your party, and then divide them into two teams. Make sure that there is an even number of guests if possible, and then have them get into groups of two. As each team of two comes up to you, have them draw a card from the stack in your hands and then have them act out the card that is in their hand. The team that gets to 15 (or desired amount) points wins.
  • Baby shower lottery cards: As your guests walk in your front door, have them draw a "lotto? card from your hands, but make sure that they know not to see what they have. As the time comes for when the baby shower is about to end, have them peel back the hearts of the rattle, and the person that has three baby bottles in a row can win an extra candle party favor, or a picture frame with a picture of your baby when he/she arrives.
  • Baby frame autographs: As your guests leave, have them sign the picture frame, so that when your baby gets older, they will be able to know who was at the party before they were born, then after they have signed the frame, have them grab their Pistachio Organza Trinket bag full of party favors.