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Star Trek Party Supplies

Star Trek Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Star Trek Tableware is perfect for the Star Trek fan in your family! Shop today!

Star Trek party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Get ready to go with Star Trek plates, cups, napkins, table covers, centerpieces, and balloons.
  • Send out your Star Trek invitations 2 weeks before your party. Greet each guest and give them a Mission Space Astronaut ID Badges and Mission Space blowout.
  • Make sure to give your guests their Blue Treat bags full of Star Trek goodies. Star Trek themed stickers and Space pencils are available at www.ezpartyzone.com, and make excellent party favors.
  • Use the Star Trek cake decorating set and Star Trek cupcake rings to spread out about the cake. Also use the Cupcake sweet server for a space ready display.
  • Make sure to give your guests Mission Space Party Astronaut Certificates and their Blue treat bags full of Star Trek goodies, and follow up with Star Trek Thank You Notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Bookmark- Using 4? x 6? index cards and the Star Trek stickers, make a Star Trek bookmark. Spread out the stickers and the cut index cards on a stable surface and gather the children and let them have fun talking and making Star Trek bookmarks.
  • Space trivia- Using the Mission Space Fact cards, make some questions from the cards, you can make them true or false, or even short answers. You can give each child that answers Spaceship Magnetic Tops or even candy.
  • Star Trek coloring- Using the Crayon Party favors and some Star Trek coloring pages from the internet, spread put both things in a stable surface, and let the kids have fun talking about Star Trek T.V. shows and the characters.