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Superhero Party Supplies

Superhero Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Superhero Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the Party Hero in your family! We have Superhero Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! mix and match with some of your favorite super heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman and more to create a SuperHero theme party that honors all the characters. Pick out some real life heroes too and tell their stories at your party! Scroll down for lots of Superhero Party Ideas , Activities, Games, and food suggestions.

Superhero Party Invitations:
  • For your party guests: Send out your Superhero party invitations 2 weeks before the party. Ask your guests to wear something to show who their favorite Superhero is. This could be a fictional character, a family member or friend, or a group of people or characters. Super heroes can be real people, and asking a guest to share a story about who they believe is a superhero can be fun and enlightening.
  • Make your own superhero party invitations by cutting out shapes like shields and bats from construction paper.


Superhero Party Decorations:

  • Decorate your table with plates, cups, napkins, table covers, placemats, centerpieces, and balloons all in the SuperHero theme. Make sure to hang a Superhero style ?Happy Birthday? letter banner for your guest of honor.
  • Greet your guests with Superhero headbands, party hats, and blowouts!
  • Use our brightly colored lanterns and puff balls with word cutouts or masks to hang around the party room.
  • Use streamers and spider webs to create a Spiderman or Gotham City effect.
  • Use the words Pow! and Wham! written on posterboard cutouts to decorate.


Superhero Party Activities:
  • Make a Superhero movie! Let some kids be villans and some superheroes, and some can be damsels in distress! They can create their own story and you can film the adventure! Send them the video with a thank you note later for attending.
  • Superhero Face Painting: Ask a couple parent volunteers to help with facepainting activities so kids can look like their favorite hero!

Superhero Party Costumes:

  • Make your own superhero cape: Plastic Tablecovers are easy to cut out and make a cape for each child. Let them decorate by taping pictures you print that can be taped on the cape, or using markers.
  • Make your own superhero mask: Print out paper masks online, and let each child color and decorate their masks. Use curling ribbon to tie the mask with.
Superhero Party Games:
  • A "Riddler" scavenger hunt can be made age appropriate for all kids! It can be for actual items (like SuperHero Party Favors) or for phrases taped to the bottom of other large items (like underneath a picnic table).
  • Phone booth dressup: Use a big cardboard refrigerator box with one side cutout in the back. Place some Superhero costume pieces in it. Ask kids to go into the box, make themselves a superhero, and jump out!
Superhero Party Snacks:
  • Make Captain America frosted shield cookies.
  • Rice Krispy squares make great Kryptonite Krispys!
  • Comic book pages stapled into a cone shape can hold any small dry snacks.
  • Red licorice tied together can look like dynamite sticks!
Superhero Cake or Cupcakes:
  • Use our SuperHero pop-up party favors on top of cupcakes for a party favor and a decoration!
  • Use Black Cups to fill with brownie or cake bites, and decorate with yellow Bat Shields, Captain America Shields, or Hulk Hands!
  • Make Thor Hammer cupcakes using a small thin pretzel rod stuck in a marshmallow. Simply add it to the top of a cupcake!