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Tie Dye Peace Sign Party Supplies and Decorations

Groovy Man! Tie Dye Peace Sign Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the groovy kids in your family! This cool party pattern is available now at www.ezpartyzone.com. Shop our Tie Dye Peace Sign Party Favors, Decorations, Tableware, and more! Scroll down for Tie DyeParty Ideas and Tie Dye Party Games:

Tye Dye 60?s party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:


  • Tye Dye 60?s decorations: Decorate your party area with the Tye Dye 60?s party plates, napkins, cups, table cover, and centerpieces. Make sure to hang the Tye Dye 60?s ?Happy Birthday? jointed letter banner. Also available to decorate your party area are the Tye Dye 60?s party 100 foot string d?cor, Tye Dye 60?s ?Happy Birthday? plastic flag banner, Tye Dye 60?s party dangling metallic Twirls, and Tye Dye 60?s party hanging peach signs. Don?t forget the Tye Dye 60?s party balloons!
  • For your party guests: Make sure to send the Tye Dye 60?s party invitations 2 weeks before your party date. Greet each guest with Tye Dye 60?s party blowout and a Tye Dye 60?s party cone hat.
  • Tye Dye 60?s Favors: Be sure to thank each guest with a Tye Dye 60?s party treat bag. Tye Dye 60?s party stickers and Tye Dye 60?s party temporary tattoos are also available at www.ezpartyzone.com and make excellent party favors.
  • Tye Dye 60?s party cake: Light up your cake with a Tye Dye 60?s party candle. The cupcake sweet server is available for a great presentation of Tye Dye 60?s party cupcakes.
  • Thanking guests: Follow up after the party with a Tye Dye 60?s party Thank You note.

Game Ideas:

  • Tye Dye 60?s party Bingo. Make your own Tye Dye 60?s party game boards and use the Tye Dye 60?s party stickers as your game chips. Gather everyone and play the fun game of Bingo. When you have a winner, award them the Tye Dye 60?s party peace sign party favor necklace. Play as many games as you wish, just make sure to have enough prizes for as many rounds as you choose to play.
  • Tye Dye 60?s party relay! Use the Tye Dye 60?s party 100 foot string d?cor to set up a relay race. Make it just a running game, but make the course somewhat difficult to work through. Split up the guests into two teams. Once into two teams, the people of each team will form into groups of two. Tie their ankles together to form an obstacle. Have one course, but two teams. Let them both in at the same time and let them work through the course with their attached partner. The partners will run back to the beginning and the next two will proceed. The first team to successfully maneuver the course wins. Award the winning team the Tye Dye party foam visor.
  • Tye Dye 60?s ?basketball.? Split the guests into two teams. Have two of the Tye Dye 60s Party 9oz. Hot/Cold Cups as your ?hoops? set up about 10(can be less) feet away from the two teams. Also, have the Marble Bounce Ball Party Favors as your ?basketballs.? Line up the two teams in front of their ?hoops? and make sure they are equipped with their ?basketballs.? Have two adults set up at the ?hoops? (cups) to tally how many bouncy balls the team gets into their cup. The two teams will have a limited amount of time to get as many balls into the cup as they can. You can set the time limit. At the end of the time, see which team has the most balls in their basket. The team with the most wins, and can be awarded the Smiley Face Clickers!