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Unicorn Fantasy Party Supplies

Unicorn Fantasy Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Need Unicorn Birthday Party items fast? We have beautiful Unicorn Fantasy Theme Party Supplies and Decorations that are perfect for your dreamy Unicorn event. These beautiful party selections are sure to make your party a fantasy success. Shades of Lavender, Pink, Light Blue and White make for a fashionable event. We have Unicorn Fantasy Party Tableware, Unicorn Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More!

Unicorn Party Invitations:

Check out our Unicorn Party Invitations with pre-printed lines for easy party detail fill-ins. So cute with the gatefold opening in the front. You can also download a Unicorn or Rainbow Party Invitation template, or handwrite invitations for a personal touch with colored construction paper.

Unicorn Party Decorations:

Decorate easy with our Unicorn Party Centerpiece and Unicorn Party Hanging Unicorn and Castle decorations. Both are a colorful and easy way to make your party room look great!

We have a Unicorn Balloon Centerpiece that is perfect for the gift table! We also have Unicorn Foil Balloons that can be combined with pastel color latex balloons to tie on chairs, outside on the mailbox, and anywhere you need some color!

Use our pretty pastel color tissue balls and fans to make the Unicorn colors really pop! Also consider tying in some Rainbow Party Supplies!

Unicorn Party Activities:

Design your own Unicorn Horn! Use paper towel rolls with craft supplies like paint, glitter, tissue, felt, ribbons and more to have guests design their own horns!

Magic Bean guessing game. Fill a variety of containers with a rainbow of colored jelly beans and have the guests guess how many are in each container.

Unicorn Party Dress Up:

Use our Unicorn Fantasy Headbands or Unicorn cone hats to start the dress up!

Have each guest design their own unicorn skirt by simply using some crepe paper streamers and elastic. Cut and pin elastic around each guest's waist. Supply a variety of colorful streamers and let guest's simple put the streamer over the elastic and design their own colorful skirt.

Facepainting with some glitter and non-toxic facepaint is perfect for a Unicorn Birthday Party!

Unicorn Party Games:

Unicorn spoon race: Balance a jelly bean on a plastic spoon and have a relay race! Which team can keep their jelly bean from falling to the ground?

Pin the horn on the Unicorn. Use a piece of posterboard, and draw an outline of a Unicorn. Make colorful horns from construction paper, and give one horn with a piece of tape to each guest. Blindfold each guest one at a time and see who gets the horn the closest to the Unicorn's head!

Unicorn Party Snacks:

Serve rainbow sherbet on a pointy cone to make rainbow horns!

Make horn shaped Rice Krispy treats and use colorful M & Ms to create a magical horn!

Carrot sticks for the unicorn are healthy snacks.

Dip Pretzels into a variety of melted chocolate colors and add sprinkles.

Unicorn Cake or Cupcakes:

Use our Unicorn Figurines to decorate any cupcakes. Use vanilla icing and food coloring to make each cupcake a bright and colorful treat!

Unicorn figurines can also be used to decorate a cake! Just make sure to remove them before serving!