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Wild Animals Safari Party Supplies

We have Jungle Safari Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Lions and Tigers and Elephants! Jungle Safari Party Supplies are perfect for your next Jungle Animal Safari Theme Party or as addition to other Zebra or Giraffe theme parties! We have Safari Theme Party Tableware, Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Shop today for all of your jungle safari party decorations and save. 

Jungle Safari Theme party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Jungle Safari Theme party decorations: Decorate in style with the Jungle Safari Theme party plates, napkins, cups, table covers, and centerpieces. Make sure to hang a Wild Animals Safari Party "Happy Birthday" Jointed Banner and some balloons! Also great for decorating is the Wild Animals Safari Party Flag Banner!
  • For your party guests: Make sure you send out the Wild Animals Safari Party Invitations 2 weeks before the date of your party. Greet each guest with a Wild Animals Safari Party Blowout and a Wild Animals Safari Party Cone Hat. In place of a cone hat is the Wild Animals Safari Party Pith Helmet. Also great to greet your guests with are the Wild Animals Safari Party Plastic Animal Masks.
  • Jungle Safari Theme party favors: Thank all of your guests with a Wild Animals Safari Party Treat Bags. Wild Animals Safari Party Stickers and Wild Animals Safari Party Animal Clackers are available at www.ezpartyzone.com and make great party favors.
  • Jungle Safari Theme party cake: Light up your cake with a Wild Animals Safari Party Molded Candle. The Wild Animals Safari Party Cupcake Picks are great to decorate cupcakes and finger foods. The cupcake sweet server is a great way to present your Jungle Safari cupcakes.
  • Thanking guests: Make sure to follow up shortly after the party with the Wild Animals Safari Party Thank You Notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Wild Animals Safari Party Matching Game. Place the cards face down on a solid surface and seat the guests around the game. Then see if your guests can match them! Play until all the cards have been collected by the players. The person with the most pairs of cards wins. The winner can be awarded the Wild Animals Safari Party Stickers or any other party favor available.
  • Wild Animals Safari freeze tag. Appoint one guest as the "animal watcher.? All the other guests will become the "animals.? The animal watcher can wear the Wild Animals Safari Party Pith Helmet to show who is "in charge? of the animals. The animals will run and try to escape the watcher. Once tagged or "caught? by the watcher, the player should freeze. The player can only reenter the game if someone comes and sets them free by touching them. The goal of the watcher is to freeze all the animals. Once all of the animals are frozen, the watcher then gets to choose the next watcher.
  • For a younger age group, ask them to make the sound of the animal mask that they would like. Lay all the masks out for them to see, and then ask them which one they would like. Once they choose, in order to get the mask, they must make the sound of that animal. A great way to help children learn animal sounds!