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Camouflage Party Supplies - Army Party Supplies

Camouflage Party Supplies and Army Party Supplies at EZ Low Prices! Camouflage Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for your Army, Hunter, or Military fan! We have both Hunting Camo and Military style Camouflage Party Decorations, Party Favors, Balloons, and More! Scroll down for Camouflage Party Ideas and Camouflage Party Games:

Camouflage party decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Camouflage Army decorations: Decorate in style with camouflage army plates, cups, napkins, table covers, a camouflage Curtain party decoration, the Army humvee hanging party decoration and centerpieces. Be sure to hang a camouflage army ?Happy Birthday? letter banner. A camouflage army party ?Happy Birthday? plastic flag banner is also great to decorate your party area with! Camouflage army balloons are also available for your party.
  • For your party guests: Make sure to send the Camouflage Army invitations 2 weeks before the party date. Greet each guest with a camouflage army blowout and a camouflage army party cone hat. For the birthday boy, the camouflage army party plastic army helmet is available. Don?t forget to give all your guests their camouflage army party dog tags.
  • Camouflage army favors: Thank each guest with the Camouflage army party treat bags full of Camouflage party stickers and Camouflage Army Party Notepad Party Favors are only some of the great party favors available at www.ezpartyzone.com!
  • Camouflage army cake: Finish off that cake with the camouflage army party cake decoration set. The camouflage army party molded cake candle is available to light up your cake as well! The cupcake sweet server is a way to make cupcakes look pleasant if you choose to serve cupcakes.
  • Thanking guests: Make sure to follow up after the party with the camouflage army party thank you notes. Plus, make sure to give each guest their Camouflage Army Party Boot Camp Certificates!

Game Ideas:

  • Let the guest of honor hide the Camouflage Army Party Paratrooper Party Favors, and then give each guest one of the camouflage army party binocular party favors. You can write down clues to the hidden army men with the secret decoder pens, and then let the guests try to find the hidden army men. The guest who finds the army man first wins. Let them keep their binoculars and an army man!
  • Using the Camouflage Army Party Pull-Back Tank Party Favors, split the guests up into groups of three and then let them see whose army tank will go the furthest. The tanks will move when the guests pull the tank back and then let it go. The goal is to get the tank the furthest than any other group. The group whose tank goes the farthest wins and can be awarded the Camouflage Army Party Compass Key chains.
  • Camouflage army party I spy. Using any of the camouflage army party favors, hide them anywhere in or near the party area. The guests will then try to spot the hidden items. They will go around and take turns spying the hidden items. For example, hide the camouflage army party vehicle party favors and then the guest who spots it will say ?I spy the hidden army vehicle.? They will then get to keep the hidden item they have discovered.
  • Flying Army Man: Using the stretchable flying army men, have the children fling them as far as they can. The child that flings theirs the farthest can get something out of the left over party favors.