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Sweet 16th Birthday Party

Sweet 16 Party Ideas and Decorations at EZ Low Prices! Sweet 16 Party Decorations and Ideas are now available! You are sure to find just the right combination of products and ideas to create a successful Sweet 16 Birthday Party that everyone will enjoy. Scroll down to review some great Sweet 16 Party ideas!

Sweet! Sixteen decorations, party activity, and party theme ideas:

  • Decorate everything in a pretty pink and brown Sweet! Sixteen plates, cups, napkins, table covers, center piece, and balloons.
  • Make sure to send out your Sweet! Sixteen invitations 2 weeks before your party. Greet your guests and give Fairytale Princess Star Wand and Sweet Sixteen hot/cold cups.
  • Make sure to thank your guests for coming with Sweet! Sixteen treat bags with a window and party favors. Sweet! Sixteen themed stickers are available at www.ezpartyzone.com.
  • Use the Princess Cake Decoration Wand and Tiara to decorate your cake; you can also use the Sweet! Sixteen Cupcake Pedestal. Also use the Cupcake Sweet server for a cute display.
  • Make sure to give your guests their treat bags full of goodies, and follow up with Sweet! Sixteen Thank You Notes.

Game Ideas:

  • Doughnut eating contest- Put a doughnut on a string and place that string someplace that is sort of high. Then gather all the kids and have them stand in a line. Then tell them that they can start eating them, make sure to get lots of pictures! Then place them in the Sweet! Sixteenth Birthday Mini photo frame.
  • Fashion show-Get the lip gloss rings, the roll on body glitter, and the Sweet! 16th Birthday Tiara and the Sweet! 16th birthday sash and dress up as a pretty princess of the party! Show off your designs to all your party guests before they leave!
  • Biggest birthday cake mess- Surprise the Birthday girl by having 2 birthday cakes- but make sure she only knows of one! Then have all her friends go outside and then get her to go outside too. Then when you are out of the way- with the camera ready! - have her friends start to throw the cake at her! Then she who she tackles 1st.