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Donut Party Ideas

Donut Party Ideas

You’ve been invited for a super sweet celebration. Whether you’re hosting a Donut Birthday Party, Baby Shower Sprinkle, or Wedding Donut Bar, we have all your Donut Party Supplies. Start with our die-cut shaped Donut Invitations. These sprinkle frosted donut invitations come deliciously printed on the front with blank back for your very own message, including coordinating pink envelopes. Take a bite out of your confectionary crumbles with our Donut Party Napkins. These donut napkins will add a sprinkle of fun to your event as they feature colorful frosted donuts, complete with an array of colorful sprinkles. We offer Donut Beverage Napkins, Donut Lunch Napkins, and Donut Happy Birthday Napkins to go along with your Donut Party Tableware. Add a stack of donuts or two with our Donut Party Lunch Plates and Donut Party Cake Plates. The Donut Lunch plates feature an assortment of frosted donuts with sprinkles, while the Donut Cake Plates feature three different designs, each a different frosted sprinkle delight. Check out our Donut Party Cups for a thirst quenching cup of milk or favorite beverage of choice. The 9 ounce paper Donut Cups are printed with the yummy assortment of sprinkled donuts and are suitable for hot or cold beverages. For a real sweet treat, serve guests a cool beverage in our Donut 16 ounce Plastic Souvenir Cups. These Plastic Donut Cups are great for serving cool beverages, as well as filling with donut favors for keepsakes. Cover your party tables in frosted treats with our Donut Printed Plastic Table Covers. The 54 inch x 102 inch Donut Table Cover is fully printed with colorful sprinkle donuts against a white confetti background.

Add a sprinkle of color to your Donut Party Tableware with coordinating colors from our Solid Color Table Ware collection. As the Donut Party Tableware features an assortment of fun colors, we suggest mixing in a batch of bermuda blue, light blue, candy pink, and mimosa yellow to compliment your Donut Party. With the suggested collection of colors, we offer cake/dessert plates and lunch/dinner plates in paper and plastic, plastic bowls, cups in paper and plastic, utensils, and table covers. As you discover how the suggested colors bring your donut party to a sweet new level, also check out our complete selection of solid color table ware as we offer many color options.

With our complete line of Donut Party Table Ware and Solid Color Tableware, serve up some delicious donut tasty treats to delight your guests. Keeping with the donut party theme, create easy "donut pops” using our candy pink polka dot party straws, light blue polka dot party straws, and yellow polka dot party straws. Grab several packages of polka dot paper party straws, a box of donut holes along with candy sprinkles, and let the fun begin. Create your own donut holes with homemade rice krispie treats formed into balls, dipped in melted chocolate, and covered with sprinkles. For a healthier donut treat, peel, core, and slice apples, then top with cream cheese along with candy sprinkles. Check out our Chevron Stripe Treat Cups for easy serve treats. Each pack of treat cups contains 6 – 9 ounce cups, measuring 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.

Donut you love a sweet treat party? Welcome guests with our Donut Party Centerpiece as they enter into the world of sugary sprinkle goodness. This delicious donut shaped centerpiece measures 9in. x 12in., featuring a giant sprinkle donut made of cardstock, on top of a pink tissue honeycomb base. Turn your room into a sweet shop bakery by hanging dozens of donuts from the ceiling and entryway of your party space. Our Donut Party Dizzy Danglers consist of 5 frosted donut cutouts, hanging 30in. and 39in. from colorful plastic swirls with attached plastic hooks. Our Giant Donut Foil Balloon will be the talk of the party as it is printed as a giant sprinkle pink iced donut, measuring a full 30in. round. Tie this giant donut balloon to the guest of honor’s chair, or add coordinating latex balloons, creating a bouquet of bountiful bliss. Our Donut Happy Birthday Ribbon Banner will be the icing on the party as you wish your guest of honor a very Happy Birthday. This cardstock Donut Banner measures 8 ˝ ft long x 6 in. tall, spelling out Happy Birthday on individual cardstock letters, resembling scrumptious sprinkled donuts.

Create a room frosted in fun by adding extra homemade decorations to your Donut Party. For a sugar coated sprinkle sensation, start out with our 10 inch tissue paper lanterns in bright yellow, light blue, and candy pink, along with glue and paper confetti pieces. Easily assemble paper lanterns as directed, then apply glue, while scattering with paper confetti cutout pieces. Hang sprinkle coated paper lanterns around your room, creating a bountiful assortment of donut delight. For added swirls of fun, scatter our candy pink metallic swirl confetti, or metallic confetti color of choice, across party tables. Along with our paper lanterns and confetti, we offer many more coordinating decorations in our solid color line for you to choose from.

Add a "hole” lot of fun to your Donut Party with fun games, activities, and favors to enjoy. Kids and adults alike will have a blast playing the Donut on a String Game. Thread mini donuts on a string, making sure to leave space between each. Have kids (or adults) race to eat the donuts off the string while keeping their hands behind their backs. For the younger kids, they will enjoy making their own "donut seed” necklaces, using fruit loops along with precut yarn. For a healthier donut version, let guests decorate their own donuts using peeled, cored, and sliced apples along with cream cheese and sprinkles.

For your special birthday guest of honor, don’t forget the traditional blowout party favors to have available for their celebration. Our Donut Blowout Party Favors feature cardstock donut cutouts with mouthpiece and blowout extensions in all the coordinating colors of the Donut Party Supplies. Treat guests to their very own delightful Donut Party Headbands. These adorable Donut Tiara Headbands feature a line of cardstock donut cutouts attached to a flexible aluminum headband, with pink foil fringe. Our Donut Party Vinyl Toys look good enough to eat, but will be best used as part of your Donut Decorations, Donut Games, and Donut Party Favors. These frosted, candy sprinkle coated vinyl donuts measure 3” in diameter and sold in packages of 12. Donut leave without a treat stuffed in our most adorable Donut Party Favor Boxes. The Donut Favor Boxes are fully printed in an all over assortment of sprinkled donuts, with a pink sprinkle donut cutout attached to the top. The favor boxes are made of sturdy cardstock, measuring 3.5 in. x 3.5 in. x 9.15 in. Before guests depart, be sure to create sweet memories with the Donut party Favor Props. These Donut Photo Props are made of cardstock, featuring frosted sprinkled donuts, coffee, a glass of cold milk, and more. The Donut Photo Props contain 10 props per package.

Whether you are planning a Baby Sprinkle Baby Shower, Donut First Birthday, Donut Birthday Party, Donut Pajama Party, Donut Wedding Bar, or any other Donut Party, allow us to create a sweet celebration for your event!

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Donut Party Ideas
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