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Kitten Party Ideas

Kitten Party Ideas

To All You Kitty Cat Lovers Out There…It’s Time to Pawty

These adorable kittens are here to make your pawty a meowing good time. Start your Kitten Party on the right paw by serving tasty treats on our Kitten Party Shaped Lunch/Dinner Plates. These Kitten Plates feature 3 different adorable kitten designs and are approximately 8” x 9”. May we offer some fun tasty treat suggestions such as triangle shaped cheese cutouts, cat nip dip, "meow mix” or "kitten chow”, which is goldfish crackers in a fishbowl or chocolate lucky charms(minus the marshmallows), and much more. For serving your tasty treats, we also recommend our 9” round printed Kitten Party Lunch/Dinner Plates as well as 7” Kitten Party Cake/Dessert Plates.

As we know, cats clean themselves up quite well after eating, but we wouldn’t want your little guests licking their hands to wipe their faces with too. Be sure to stock up on our Kitten Party Napkins to wipe faces, paws, or any other cleanups that are needed. We offer three different choices in our Kitten Napkins, consisting of our Kitten Party Happy Birthday Napkins, coordinating printed Kitten Lunch Napkins, as well as Kitten Beverage Napkins. As your guests enjoy their tasty treats, as well as work up thirsts from lots of kitten activities, provide them with their favorite beverages in our Kitten Party paper cups. Be sure to check out our 16 ounce plastic Kitten Party Souvenir Cups for your guests as well. Your cat lovers will enjoy drinking their favorite beverage from this 16 ounce plastic cup, printed with their favorite furry feline.

These kitties have made an exception to the rule of "paws off the table” with our Kitten Party Tablecover. This adorable kitten tablecover comes printed with a polka dot center and kittens bordering both sides, measuring 54” x 102”, ensuring all areas of kitten snack time are fully covered. To completely coordinate your Kitten Party, we suggest checking out our solid colors tableware as well. As we offer many colors to choose from, we suggest our Black velvet, Teal lagoon, fresh Mint, candy Pink, and classic Pink to make your party purrrfect!

The playful kitties are excited they found their way into your home, as you decorate with our Kitten Party Decorations. Give a little "Catitude” on the "treats” (food) table with our Kitten Party Centerpiece. This kitty perched high on her honeycomb base is a sassy one, sporting her cool glasses, and ball of yarn by her paws. How about a room full of some twisted whiskers? Hang our Kitten Party Dizzy Danglers throughout your party to have spinning kitties everywhere. This package contains an assortment of five kittens hanging from spinning metallic twirls, and measures 39” long. This set of kittens is gathered to wish you a "feline happy birthday”, with our Kitten Party Shaped Ribbon Banner. The cardstock paper Kitten Banner measures 5.5 ft long x 5.5 inches high, displaying your favorite furry felines, and is attached by a decorative white ribbon.

Don’t forget your Kitten Party Happy Birthday Balloon for the special cat lover’s birthday. Place this 18” Kitten Balloon in a bouquet, along with coordinating latex balloons on the guest of honor’s seat, at the gift or food table, the entrance, or even by the mailbox, to let everyone know this is where the pawty is at! For added touches, we offer a large selection of decorations in all the colors you want. For a cool wall or guest of honors table decoration, check out our 9 ft long pink and purple paper tissue garland. Playing with a ball of yarn is a well known cat’s favorite, so don’t forget yours for your Kitten Party. Choose and hang several different colors of our 16” puff balls, to resemble your favorite kitten’s favorites.

Time for activities, playing games, and getting those oh so fun favors. For starters, every kitten deserves a kitten name, so start your party off with a Cat Naming Ceremony. Line guests up placing a sticker label to their shirts, then choose cat names for each by using the first letter of their names. Write their cat name on the sticker label, and for the rest of the party he/she will be called by their cat name. Speaking of cat names, we have a Kitten Party Pin Game your felines will love. Each child takes turns being blindfolded as they try placing the kitten’s name on the closest spot to the collar. Don’t forget their cat ears! Supply your guests with their very own set of cat ears with our Kitten Party Tiaras, or our kids black cat costume accessory set, including cat ears, cat tail, and bowtie. Your kittens will also enjoy wearing their own paw print cat collar/bracelets. This cute 12 count package of paw printed bracelets include three each of four colors including red, yellow, and blue, and have an attached dangling metal paw print medallion.

Turn your party into a feline funhouse with even more exciting games and favors. Pass the Flea, Musical Cat Beds, and Hide the Mice to name a few, will get your kitties purring with excitement. Pass the Flea is Hot Potato, with the potato being replaced with a black bean bag or small toy bug. Musical Cat Beds would be the same as musical chairs, the difference being, placing towels on the floor or in the yard instead of chairs. Lastly, cats are supposed to find and chase mice, right? How about hiding several toy mice in various places of your cat party, then testing your guest cat skills by seeing who can find the most mice. After everyone has participated in the many cat party activities, be sure to provide lots of treats and take home favors.

We have a fun new twist on traditional cake pops that your little ones are going to love. Start out with our candy pink polka dot paper straws, black polka dot paper straws, teal lagoon striped paper straws, or any other favorites from our large selection. Grab a bag of marshmallows, edible writing paint, a clean pair of scissors, and your keen decorating skills. With the clean scissors, cut two notches into the top of the marshmallow, then cut out or carefully tear out the center in between the two notches. Lastly, insert one paper straw into bottom of each marshmallow, then with the edible writing paint let the decorating begin, as you create cute kitten faces on each of the marshmallows. Don’t forget Favor Boxes for all the kitten treats and kitten favors. Along with our Kitten Party Favor Boxes, we have many coordinating Polka Dot Favor Boxes as well as Polka Dot Favor Bags to stuff full of treats. Your kitten guests will enjoy taking home Paw Print Silly Springs, Paw Print Stampers, Kitten Party Stampers, Cat and Dog Bubbles, Cat and Dog Lenticular Stickers, and much more. Wait, before your guests leave, make sure they choose their favorite very own kitten to adopt from the Adopt-A-Cat booth. We have cute mini plush kittens arriving four to a set, ready to be adopted and sent home with their furrever family.

No party is complete without selfie snapshots. Watch the fun begin as your guests transform into their favorite felines with our Kitten Party Photo Props. The Photo Booth Props include ten different designs, some of which include kitten ears, conversation bubbles, cools glasses, and more. Last, be sure the guest of honor thanks everyone for coming and having a meowing good time!

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Kitten Party Ideas
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