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Mad Scientist Party Ideas

Mad Scientist Party Ideas

We’re mad with excitement to invite you to our Mad Scientist Birthday Party. For your Mad Scientist Party, get everyone involved by suiting up and heading to the "Lab Cafeteria”. Here is where they will fuel up for their day of fun experiments. Our Mad Scientist Lunch/Dinner Plates will hold lots of experimental foods for your CSI Agents to enjoy, including Bio Hazard Cupcakes filled with slimy green (pudding) center. Step over to the lab for some ice cream fun. Ice cream sundaes will be extra tasty when created as a science experiment, using various shapes and colored sprinkles. Your science wizards will have fun creating their very own molecules from a tray of mini marshmallows, grapes, and berries, connecting with coffee stirrers or toothpicks. Our Mad Scientist Lunch Napkins will be perfect for wiping up any small spills that may occur in the lab. Choose your favorite science lunch napkins, Happy Birthday Napkins, or beverage napkins from our Mad Scientist Napkin collection, or mix and match. Serve up some toxic punch, potion punch, or nuclear waste beverage in the Mad Scientist paper hot/cold cups. Don’t forget to protect science experiment tables with our Mad Scientist Table Cover. The scientific printed table cover measures 54 inches x 102 inches, fitting most party tables and ensuring to protect tables from toxic spills or anything else that may boil over.

Create an explosion of color by experimenting with party supplies from our solid colors collection. We can provide the perfect formula to make your laboratory explode with color. Choose from some favorite coordinating colors of lime green, school bus yellow, cobalt blue, sun kissed orange and black velvet. From this color collection, we offer plates, napkins, and cups, in both paper and plastic, along with plastic bowls, table covers, and utensils.

The chemistry lab is top secret, so before entering, lab technicians must pass through the designated security check point. At laboratory (party room) entryway, create a "Scan to Enter” sign with printed handprint, ensuring authorized personnel only. Turn your space into the ultimate research lab with our Mad Scientist Party decorations and coordinating solid colors decorations. Welcome all mad scientists while wishing a Happy Birthday with our Mad Scientist Happy Birthday Banner. This colorful jointed happy birthday banner is boldly printed with the Mad Scientist theme and measures a large 8.25 feet x 7 inches. The Mad Scientist Centerpiece will complete any birthday table as it is full of radioactive science activity. The science party centerpiece comes complete with three easy to assemble sections including a backdrop, an exploding beaker, and two atoms. Energize the atmosphere of your Mad Scientist Party by adding our Mad Scientist Hanging Cutouts. The three pack of Science Party decorations consist of three 36 inch hanging decorations of atoms, beakers, and test tubes.

Fill the air with floating molecules created with various packages of our hanging dots paper garland. The Dots Paper Garland is available in all coordinating colors needed, measuring a full 9 feet in length, creating the perfect scientific atmosphere. For creating a cool giant molecule model, check out our Chinese paper lanterns. Once paper lanterns are assembled, connect each using dowel rods or any other thin rod or support. Our various color packages of hanging plastic swirls will put the finishing touches on your Mad Scientist Party. The hanging swirl decorations include eight dangling swirls per package, and are available in any color choices. Cover and protect lab tables with our plastic solid color table covers, finishing off with packs of metallic swirl confetti in choice of colors.

Warning, your physicists are about to be exposed to radioactive fun as they suit up and step into the world of science. Much research and examination is needed as they learn about molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, and even mix their own powerful potions. Inexpensive lab coats can be made of white trash bags, cutting holes for head and arms, and cutting slit down center for opening. For a cool activity, and not to mention tasty treat, set up an atom building station, using toothpicks and yummy gum drops. Along with plain cake pops and an assortment of candy sprinkles, purchase multiple packs of our polka dot party straws, letting the fun begin as your scientists dip and create their very own awesome atoms. For an ending finale of experiments, suit everyone up with protective gear, including safety eye goggles, then meet outside in an open area. Set out bottles of room temperature diet coke while providing approximately six mentos candies per child. Place a card or piece of cardboard over the opening of the soda, then roll a piece of paper into tube shape, ensuring it will just fit inside the bottle. Carefully drop the candy into the tube while pulling the card away from the bottle. Step back and prepare to be thrilled with an exploding geyser.

As the science experiments come to an end and the party winds down, be sure to have available some fun science themed party favors for guests to take home to enjoy. Some fun cool treats suggested are pop rocks, nuclear rods (sour bites), rock candy, atoms (gum balls), nerd candy, sour straws, and more. Included in the assortment of science party favors we offer, check out the mad scientist party stickers, mad scientist party blowouts, marble bouncy balls, and neon clackers. Provide their own effervescent bubbles by placing labels on our mini bubble blower party favors. The experiments will continue with our galaxy slime and alien slime tubes, along with other fun favors. We offer mad scientist party favor bags for all your science party favors, along with our mad scientist party plastic souvenir cups. The 16 ounce plastic souvenir cups can be filled with treats, as well as used later for favorite beverages.

Allow us to be part of your top secret research, experiments, and hours of endless fun, by providing all your Science Party supplies!

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Mad Scientist Party Ideas
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