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Magic Party Ideas

Magic Party Ideas

Abracadabra youíve been invited to a Mystical Magic Party

We have all your Magic Party Tableware to get your Magic party started!

Start out with our vividly printed Magic Party Plates, Magic Party Cups, Magic Party Napkins, and Magic Party Tablecovers. This Magic Party Tableware is sure to bring your party to the next level with the print of a magic hat, magic playing cards, magic top hat, and magic wand, and of course floating hands, on each item.

To create more intensity to your Magic party, add some of our bold coordinating colors tableware to your event. Our Red, Black Velvet, Shimmering Silver, and Cobalt Blue tableware will be sure to magically transform your event. We have all your plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, utensils, and bowls, in these selected color choices, as well as many other colors to choose from.

Also check out our Space Blast collection. The galactic printed Space Blast tablecover willl create an illusion for your Magic Party anywhere needed.

Voila, youíre now ready to transform your room into the ultimate magicianís stage with our Magic Party Decorations.

Talk about pulling cards out of a hat, check out our Magic Party Centerpiece. This centerpiece is the design of a Magic Top Hat with honeycomb tissue base, along with playing cards magically appearing out of the top.

We also have Magic Party Hanging Cutouts. These hanging cutouts consist of two separate Playing Cards hanging from a string of stars, along with a Magic Hat hanging from a string of stars. Make sure to wish that magical Magician a Happy Birthday with our hanging Magic Party Happy Birthday Banner, along with a Magic Party Happy Birthday Balloon. Add more colors to your Happy Birthday Balloons as well as your Magic Party with our solid color latex balloons of red, black, blue, silver, and white.

A few other magical decorating ideas start with our Blue Fringe Curtains and our Silver Fringe Curtains. Every magician needs to make their grand entrance, so why not have them alakazam appear through one of these perfect shimmery entry curtains. These curtains would also serve as a great backdrop for the use of our Magic Party Photo Props. This set of Photo Props includes a top hat, a disappearing rabbit, playing cards, magic wands, and more. Another great decorating idea would consist of the use of our Plastic Cobalt Blue Tablecovers, Black Velvet Tablecovers, Shimmering Silver Tablecovers, and Navy Blue Tablecovers. Choose your favorite combination, hang the tablecovers layered over each other onto a wall, then cut into long vertical strips. We also offer a large selection of many other decorations to fit your needs in all of these colors and more.

Before your guests disappear, treat them to their own Magic Party Favors to take home.

As the Magic Eight Ball is a past childhood favorite novelty for many adults, pass the fun along to the new generation with our Magic Eight Ball Pens. With each click of the eight ball, the answer to their question magically appears in a window located on the side of the pen. They will also thoroughly enjoy practicing their magician tricks with our Magic Party Coin Tricks. Pass out coins for everyone and watch the coins disappear right before your very eyes.

Every Magician needs to look the part! Be sure to grab a Magic Party Black Top hat for each, as well as a Magic Party Magic Wand. We also have Black stick-on Mustaches and Glitter Microphones to give the authentic look of a Magician. Abracadabra Alakazam donít let your eyes deceive you, Magicians now appear out of thin air.

Voila, we have many more Magic Party Favors your little magicians will enjoy! A Magic Party would not be complete without Disappearing Ink, an all time favorite. Every magician needs their very own coins to practice their disappearing acts with, so grab a bag or two of our Gold Coin Party Favors. Donít let your guests disappear too quickly without filling their Magic Party Loot Bags with more treats. We have Magic Party Temporary Tattoos, Marble Bounce Balls, Space Party Galaxy Slime, and much much more to add to their Magic Party collection!

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Magic Party Ideas
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