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Mermaid Party Ideas

Mermaid Party Ideas

Take a swim under the sea, alongside our adorable little Mermaid with all of our Mermaid Party Supplies

Start by topping your party tables off with our Mermaid Friends Tablecovers, or add a little splash by using the Ocean Waves Printed Tablecovers. Your guests will enjoy all their mermaid treats with our Mermaid Plates, Mermaid Cups, and Mermaid Napkins.

No need for utensils at your Mermaid Party, because as we all know, Mermaids prefer dinglehoppers. Choose just the right color dinglehopper "fork” from our vast collection of coordinating colors. After making your color selection, grab a couple of our Mermaid Friends Souvenir Cups to place your dinglehoppers in, and watch them dive into their tasty treats.

If extra tableware is needed, check out our large collection of solid colors party supplies. Along with many colors offered, we suggest lavender, pink, mint green, and teal for your Mermaid Party. Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and tablecovers are all available with these color choices, along with any other colors you would want. Visit our complete solid colors section to choose the right one for you.

Bring your Mermaid Party to life with our Mermaid Party Decorations and coordinating solid color decorations.

For a cool sea creature effect, be sure to purchase teal paper lanterns and purple paper lanterns, along with matching crepe streamers. Once the lanterns are hung, attach cut strips of crepe streamers to the bottom of each paper lantern, creating beautiful aquatic sea creatures.

Wish that special Mermaid a Happy Birthday with our Mermaid Happy Birthday Banner, Mermaid Dangling Cutouts, and Mermaid Mylar. Bring ashore one of our giant holographic shaped mermaid mylars to really liven things up. Every mermaid guest will love diving into their favorite Ocean Party character with our Under the Sea Photo Props. Watch with joy as they each transform into a scuba diver, a shark, a sea princess, and yes, even a mermaid. Check out our giant Mint Scallop Photo Backdrop, as it gives the illusion of a mermaid.

Try a little mermaid relay race as one of many fun activities to do. Tie a piece of crepe streamer around each child’s leg as it will serve as their mermaid tale, they will then hop to a small swimming pool filled with sand, grab a treasure, and hop back. Some of the many "treasures” we offer include, dolphin necklaces, plush stuffed mini dolphins, dolphin shaped beach safe containers, mermaid stickers, tropical lei’s, and much more.

Quench your party Mermaids thirsts with a tropical treat served through our multi colored Hibiscus Straws. These brightly colored bendable straws are decorated with an attached silk hibiscus flower, giving that ultimate tropical look. Grab our Mermaid Friends Party Treat Bags or our new Mermaid Party Treat Bags to fill up with Hibiscus Party Straws, Mini Tropical Fish, Mermaid Friends Blowouts, Dolphin Necklaces, and much more.

Your mermaids will be delighted to have came ashore for your Mermaid Party, gathering all of their treasures!

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Mermaid Party Ideas
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