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Shark Party Ideas for Sharknado and Shark Week Events

Shark Party Centerpiece Decoration  Shark Party Vertical Plush Shark Hat with Felt TeethOcean Theme Party Giant Aqua-Scene Backdrop
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Shark Party Invitations:
  • For your party guests: Send out your Shark Party Invitations 2 weeks before the party. Ask your guests to bring their bathing suits for swimming fun, or bring a shark theme movie or video to share at the party.
  • Make your own shark party invitations by cutting out a fin from grey construction paper. Use pinking shears to create a bite mark in the paper.

Shark Party Decorations:

  • Decorate your table with plates, cups, napkins, table covers, placemats, centerpieces, and balloons all in the Shark Party theme. Make sure to hang a Ocean Theme backdrop to take pictures against, and hang a Shark Happy Birthday Banner for your guest of honor.
  • Greet your guests with Shark Hats and blowouts!
  • Use our blue lanterns and puff balls with cutouts of shark fins and shark teeth around the party room.
  • Use blue streamers around the ceiling to create an under the sea effect.
  • Use our ocean life cutouts and centerpieces to decorate your walls and tables.

Shark Party Activities:

  • Make a Jaws or Sharknado movie! Let some kids be shark bite victims, some shark fighters and some rescue workers! They can create their own story and you can film the adventure! Send them the video with a thank you note later for attending.
  • Shark Face Painting: Ask a couple parent volunteers to help with facepainting activities so kids can look like a shark!  Use fake blood for shark victims!

Shark Party Costumes:

  • Dress up in bathing suits and goggles or snorkel masks.
  • Use our felt shark hats and fins to really pump up the look!
  • Dress like lifeguard rescue heroes to complete the scene.

Shark Party Games:

  • A "Jaws" or Sharknado scavenger hunt can be made age appropriate for all kids! It can be for actual items (like Shark Party Favors) or for phrases taped to the bottom of other large items (like underneath a picnic table).
  • Shark Fin race: Get at least 2 pairs of swim fins, and hold races for who can walk the quickest in fins. Make sure you do this on a grassy surface so no one gets hurt if they fall!
Shark Party Snacks:
  • Place a shark gummy candy in each section of an ice tray. Pour red punch over the top to make a "Shark infested" drink!
  • Rice Krispy squares make great Ocean Floors! decorate with some gummy fish on top!
  • Goldfish crackers are a perennial ocean theme treat.
  • Blue Jello cups with white whipped cream make an ocean-look treat.
Shark Cake or Cupcakes:
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Shark Party Ideas for Sharknado and Shark Week Events
By Party Zones Inc
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