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Superhero Party Decorations and Ideas

Superhero Party Ideas

You’ve been invited to help save the world against evil villains. Before starting your mission, a fuel up is in order. Our Superhero Slogans Tableware will help prepare your superheroes for battle. Serve up Thor Hammer Snacks (pretzel sticks with cubed cheese), "wonder dogs” (hot dogs), and of course Superhero Cake, on our Superhero Slogans Plates. These Superhero Plates pop with color and excitement as they are vibrantly printed with your superhero’s favorite slogans. As your superhero’s fuel up, provide plenty of Superhero Napkins available as they need to clean up before battle. Charge up with some kryptonite punch served in our Superhero Slogan’s Souvenir Cups. These 12 ounce superhero plastic souvenir cups will hold your favorite beverage as well as all superhero party favors. Kaboom, our Superhero Cupcake Stand will provide a tower of tasty cupcakes, as it is constructed of sturdy cardboard, standing a huge 16 inches tall. As your superhero guests are ready to save the earth, you’ll need to save your party tables with our Superhero Slogans Table cover. These superhero table covers are vividly printed with tons of superhero action slogans.

Add coordinating colors from our solid colors tableware line to make your Superhero Party go "Pow”. Inter mingle classic red, school bus yellow and cobalt blue plates, cups, napkins, utensils, plastic bowls, and table covers to supercharge your superhero party. While adding solid color tableware pieces to your party will create an explosion of color, you will also be certain of meeting your tableware needs.

Transform your room into a spectacular superhero lair with our superhero party decorations. For starters, check out the 12 count package of Superhero Action Sign Cutouts. These superhero cutouts will set the mood for saving the day as it contains 12 cardstock double side printed superhero slogan sayings. Check out our Superhero Party Dangling Whirls to hang over party tables, in windows, and in doorway entrances. The superhero hanging decorations consist of 12 vibrant dangling whirls of superheroes and superhero slogans.

Bang! Kaboom! Pow! You can create cool displays using these, along with other superhero slogan signs attached to our tissue paper lanterns. Simply attach your favorite superhero slogan cutouts to coordinating color paper lanterns of blue, yellow, red, and black. After paper lanterns are assembled and cutouts are attached, hang in various locations throughout your party room. To complete a festive look, strategically hang several of our plastic swirl decorations throughout your superhero party room. Each package of hanging swirls contains 8 swirls measuring 26” in length. Along with hanging swirls, check out our metallic swirl confetti, available in all colors needed to complete your superhero party decorations. Create a cool party backdrop or photo backdrop with solid color plastic table covers. Hang choice of color combinations of red, yellow, blue, and black table covers in doorway or on wall, creating a creative super cool backdrop.

Superhero’s are always active and on the go, so plan your Superhero Party with plenty of activities to keep them moving. For starters, supply each guest with a solid color plastic table cover (cut to make more than one), along with printed and cut out superhero emblems. Allow each to create a cape of their favorite superhero, as will be needed to save the world. Now your superheroes are ready to save the world. Set up a game of Kryptonite Relay, using rolled up balls of green construction paper or rolled up balls of aluminum foil painted green, along with two brooms. Divide superheroes into two teams, giving each a broom. Players take turns sweeping "kryptonite” from starting line to designated "anti-contaminate” unit. First team to sweep all their kryptonite into unit wins. Another superhero fun activity is bean bag attack. Set up a display of empty soda bottles or cans, covered with printed pictures of villains. Make bean bags out of socks filled with dry beans, or for more fun, use our mini water guns or space squirt guns. Now, see who the real superhero is by who knocks down the most villains.

Time to capture the villains and get the money back with our Canvas Fabric Drawstring Money Bags and Gold Coin Party Favors. The canvas money bags are printed with a dollar sign on both sides and include nylon drawstring for easy closing. Fill each bag with several packs of our 144 count packages of gold coin party favors. Lots of fun will be had with our superhero pop-up party favors. These mini super hero party favors are ready for battle as they sit atop a spring loaded base. Check out our vast selection of superhero party favors including, foam finger flyer rocket party favors, marble bounce balls, space party galaxy slime, spaceship party favors/cupcake decorations, and many more. Give extra thanks to the superhero guests for making your birthday child’s day a super spectacular one. Our Superhero Slogans Treat Bags will hold many superhero party favors, or check out our cool Superhero Cityscape Favor Boxes. The three count package of superhero favor boxes measure 3” in height and are printed on sturdy paperboard, each featuring a superhero or search light.

As most superheroes choose not to be seen, document your superhero guests appearances with our Superhero Photo Prop Signs. Your guests will have a blast with the Superhero Photo Props as they pose with the assortment of props including, masks, superhero slogans, giant mouth, hammer, superhero shield, and more.

Whatever your Superhero needs, we’re sure to make your action packed event a boom, and one to remember!

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Superhero Party Decorations and Ideas
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