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Unicorn Party Ideas

Unicorn Party Ideas

A Magical Day is on the way!

Join us for a day filled with magical wonder as we celebrate (child’s name) birthday. Our Unicorn Sparkle Birthday Party Tableware is a beautiful Unicorn collection that your child is sure to love! Start your enchanted event with our Unicorn Sparkle Tableware collection. Serve guests a variety of unique unicorn treats on the Unicorn Sparkle Lunch/Dinner Plates. These beautiful plates are a delicate watercolor blend of pink, lavender, yellow, and mint green, with a spectacular gold foil unicorn in the center, and array of scattered pastel and gold stars throughout. Our Unicorn Sparkle Cake Plates are pastel striped with pastel and gold stars, gold foil stamped unicorn head, and gold foil trim surrounding each plate. Be sure to include coordinating Unicorn Sparkle Lunch Napkins and Unicorn Sparkle Beverage Napkins, are sure to take care of all glitter and sparkle your unicorns leave behind. The ever so majestic unicorn will look as though it is prancing around your tables with our Unicorn Sparkle Party Tablecovers. The center of the tablecover is covered in a beautiful collection of pastel stars, with the sides consisting of pastel stripes along with the shiny gold foil unicorn.

Speaking of tableware and unique unicorn treats, might we suggest the perfect Unicorn Treats to serve at your Unicorn Party. Start with making a multi colored rainbow layered cake, or have a little fun creating individual tie dye swirl cupcakes. It will only take some white cake mix, food coloring, icing, sprinkles, and a dash of creativity. Another great Unicorn Party Treat to try is Unicorn Popcorn, which essentially is plain white popcorn mixed with pastel melted candy melts and sprinkles. Create adorable mini unicorn horns by dipping Bugles snacks into melted white chocolate, then covering with sprinkles. Everyone will love the magical swirl of flavors and colors your unicorn treats bring, consisting of Unicorn Fur (fluffed up cotton candy), Fruity Rice Krispy Treats, Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream, and Cotton Candy Ice Cream. For a cool unicorn beverage, fill a see through decanter with pink lemonade, place a label on it, showing it is Pink Prancing Punch.

Bring out the subtle pastels of your Unicorn Party Tableware by accessorizing with our coordinating solid colors. We offer many color choices along with suggested lavender, classic pink, mimosa (pale yellow), and fresh mint. Choose your plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and tablecovers from this color collection to complete your beautiful enchanted Unicorn Party.

Are you ready to be transformed into the perfect enchanted palace your little girl has always dreamed of? Take a step through our hanging gold foil door curtain and into the magical world of unicorns. This gold fringe door curtain measures 3ft x 8ft and will provide the perfect entry to your mythical, magical, party. Place our Unicorn Sparkle Party Centerpiece high on a table as the beautiful unicorn is in perfect stance to greet everyone. The beautifully crafted centerpiece measures 9 inches x 12 inches, and features the gallant gold foil stamped unicorn standing tall atop a pink honeycomb base. Create a mystical atmosphere around your party room with our Unicorn Sparkle Party Dizzy Danglers. The Unicorn Party Dangling Decorations feature five unicorn profiles, two each of gold and three each of pink, hanging from spinning twirling ribbons, measuring 30 inches to 39 inches when hung. Don’t forget the birthday wishes with our Unicorn Sparkle Party Happy Birthday Banner.

Continue the transformation and taking your guests to a magical land with our vast collection of solid colors decorations. Check out our Gold Plastic Swirl decorations and our One Little Star Pink and Gold Dizzy Danglers to hang in various areas of your room, as each will aid in creating that beautiful enchanted look. Create a fun backdrop for the gift table, food table, or for those memorable photo opportunities using coordinating colored crepe streamers, white mini puff balls or your own cotton balls, and white construction paper. Start by forming clouds using mini white puff balls, or cotton balls glued to construction paper, attaching cut strips of coordinating crepe streamers to the clouds, then hanging from any wall, creating a beautiful backdrop scene. Spread various combinations of our confetti onto your tables, giving the tables an ultimate mystical magical look! We offer a large selection of confetti colors to choose from, but suggest our mint green swirls confetti, candy pink swirls confetti, mimosa swirls confetti, and especially our horseshoe confetti, which is a mix of gold and silver metallic mini horseshoe cutouts. Don’t forget the birthday candles, which we have a great selection to choose from. Along with mint green polka dot candles, yellow polka dot candles, classic pink polka dot or candy pink polka dot candles, we offer a gold spiral candle set, which is perfect for your Unicorn Party cake or cupcakes.

Dreams are the playground of unicorns, so turn your little girls into just that. Make your Unicorn Party one to remember by hosting an array of fun games and endless activities. If the summer season is upon you, purchase several inexpensive pool noodles along with felt, yarn or ribbon, and any other supplies you prefer to create your unicorns. Decorate accordingly and let the unicorn races begin. Another great activity is to decorate "unicorn horns”. Start out with ice cream cones, (sugar cones because of shape), get an adult dip cones into melted white chocolate, then let the kids decorate as they wish, using an assortment of candy sprinkles and multi colored candies. Not only would it be a fun activity, but a yummy treat to enjoy at the party or to take home. Speaking of treats, we have some adorable Unicorn Suckers your friends will love. These adorable Unicorn Shaped Party Suckers include three each of four different pastel colored unicorn heads, totaling twelve suckers in all.

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a pot of gold, and a large collection of Unicorn Party Favors. We have quite the selection sure to please and delight each of your guests. From the Unicorn Sparkle Party collection, let the fun begin with our Unicorn Sparkle Party Hats and Unicorn Sparkle Party Blowouts. The unicorn paper cone hats are pastel stripe with scattered stars, and uniquely shaped to resemble a unicorn’s horn. We also have Unicorn Sparkle Party 16 ounce plastic souvenir cups, perfect for serving a refreshing beverage, then filling up with special treats to take home. Along with Unicorn Souvenir Cups for treats, check out the Unicorn Sparkle Party Paper Favor Bags.

Put your Unicorn Headbands on and try your luck at a game of Unicorn Ring Toss. Our Unicorn Headbands are a durable plastic headband, attached with a beautifully printed unicorn’s mane and horn made of cardstock. Dazzle up your unicorn guests with our Unicorn Party Stampers, Unicorn Party Rings, Unicorn Party Slap Wrist Bands, and even adorable Unicorn Party Vinyl Finger Puppets. Lots of fun and laughter will be had with fun Unicorn Party Favors, including Unicorn Party Pop-Eye Squeeze Party Favors, Unicorn Party Rainbow Putty, mini vinyl unicorns, Unicorn Party Erasers, and much more.

Send your guests imaginations soaring as they choose their favorite beautiful plush unicorn from your "Unicorn Adoption” station. These dreamy spirited plush unicorns stand approximately 10 inches tall, and are sold in sets of two, including one pink and one purple unicorn each. Smile and say "dream”, as your guests pose, making memorable fun photos with our Unicorn Sparkle Party Photo Props. The Unicorn Party Photo Props measure 10 inches in height and consists of 10 photo props, some of which include Unicorn Horns, Unicorn Mane, Unicorn Hair, a beautiful Rainbow, Stars, and more. With our Unicorn Party Collection included in your Unicorn Party, you will be providing your child with the magical dream she’s always dreamed of.

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Unicorn Party Ideas
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